Arcadian Aparments & Studios


In the prefecture of Arcadia and Argolis is Xeropigado, a small village between mountains and sea. This location offers the beneficial dry climate that few areas of Greece feature. From climate took its name. Here you will find excellent olive oil and olives from the local groves.

The beaches are pristine XIROPIGADO with pebbles and sand ideal for swimming or water sports. Picturesque seafront taverns operate from morning to evening, offering coffee, ouzo, good food and fresh fish.

Your site is just 5km from the Astros and 20 km from Argos and Nafplio. The small distances give you many options for evening outings and visits to archaeological monuments of Argos, Mycenae, Tiryns and Nafplion. For mountain lovers the nearby hills and mountains of northern Kynourias offer unique tours and trails through lush forests to an altitude of 1200m.